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I help startups, entrepreneurs and large corps with:

Agile Sales B2B
New Technologies & Innovation

Business management

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I have more than 10 years experience working in both start ups and big corps. I am a passionate entrepreneur of the tech world. As Founder and CEO of some start ups I have learned a lot about the importance of scaling up businesses, products and lean processes.

Lean. Agile Sales. Innovation

I have also worked for big corps and international companies as Project & Product manager, Marketing & Sales director. Creating new business units and innovating in marketing and sales strategies for digital transformation.

B2B management 3.0. Optimizing processes & Leading Teams. Scaling up.

  MBA. Business Administration & Psychology degree. Master in College education (Professor). Officially certified in MANAGEMENT 3.0 (Scrum Alliance & Jurgen Appelo), certified in Design Sprints by the Design Sprints School. BIT in Digital transformation and blockchain (EEliteEducation By Cambridge)

I collaborate with tech organizations and business schools with classes & workshops  focused on lean procedures to scale-up processes and improve sales

Passionate about turning ideas into profitable projects and findind new  apporaches to problem-solving.

 I am always up for helping startups & entrepreneurs develop their businesses.

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New technologies & Project mangement

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MPV´s  & Prototyping

Lean Start up

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Scaling up


Agile sales strategy

Automatization Processes

Team Set up

Business plan execution

Budget drivers


Tech innovation


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Adoption of New Technologies

New business units

Management 3.0.

Agile Sales and partnerships

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