Agile Business Sprints

New ways of managing complex projects 

New approach for achieving goals and facing challenges.

Sell Agile, learn how to manage and develop high performance teams.

Scale up your sales process and method, increasing results

Design sprints for MPV, ROI testing, start ups viability.


Intro to lean and agile, scrum, canvas model and design thinking/design sprints. METHODOLOGIES based on: Steve Blank from Silicon Valley, Google and Jurgen Appelo with management 3.0. TESTED ON: Apple, Coca-Cola, IBM, Nike, Procter & Gamble, Spotify, Airbnb, HarryPotter and many more.


I work with consolidated organizations, entrepreneurs and start-ups as a hands-on consultant to achieve different goals depending on their stage and needs.  

Learn to use tools that will make you manage your team and funnel more efficiently and become more agile. Learn how to increase lead generation and conversión of your open opportunities.

Agile Business Sprint | Validate & Test your business model in 48H

Earn money with your MVP. Validate your idea, business model or prototype. Check out the steps and methodologies I work with.

  1. Define & sketch goals
  2. Prototype, test with expert, estimate
  3. Test Business model ROI and costs
  4. Design an agile sales strategy and scale up


Agile sales sprint | Scale up, increase benefits & ROI

Agile sales take project management strategies from the IT world — such as sprints, daily stand-ups, and constant iteration — and applies them to sales. This methodology helps sales teams be more flexible, data-driven, and effective.

  1. Pack it up & Scale it up
  2. Automatization & Refinement of processes
  3. Increase Lead generation & conversions
  4. Upselling and cross-selling
  5. Ways to optimize and reduce costs


Management 3.0 Sprint | Leading High Performance Teams

Leadership pursues the goal of growing and transforming organizations that are great places to work for, where people are engaged, the work is improved and clients are simply delighted.

  1. Team performance assessment
  2. Scrum for development teams (product owners)
  3. Agile sales working method for sales teams
  4. Sales focus drivers – Inbound strategy
  5. Funnel analysis & refinement
  6. Methodologies & Must tools


Tech innovation sprints | Definition of highly complex projects (software, technology, digital transformation)

This methodology aims to reduce the risk and delays, working on improving the management practices, previous definition and agile development of implementations and kick offs.

  1. Understand resources and technologies
  2. Define goals & sketch solutions
  3. Validate with expert the tech solution
  4. Prototype the MPV
  5. Develop a Backlog and estimate costs
  6. Test and decide if its worth it for a real implementation.

Google Design Sprint

The sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers, developed at Google Ventures its a great way to clear things up with teams before launching or developing a project or product.

  1. Understand & Map
  2. Define Goals & Challenges
  3. Sketch Solutions
  4. Decide
  5. Prototype
  6. Test & Validate (&Learn)


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