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Your startup story which can inspire others to start up

Entrepreneurs are not people who just own a business.  I guess they’re people who don’t wait for things to happen, they go out and create the right circumstances for themselves to make them possible.



I’ve started up twice, and this is my story:


My FIRST DRIVE – NOTHING TO LOSE. I lost my job after a severe traffic accident which took me 2 years to recover from and be able to walk again.  I didn’t have a choice and I had nothing to lose. I needed something which could depend on me where I could manage my time and energy. I started working with services as a digital agency for 5 years, though it didn’t go badly, at some point, I realized that everything I was doing would be replaced by tools, platforms, and software which were cheaper SO;

“If one day I was going to be replaced by a system, I had to go for systems.” My FAILURES: FIRST MISTAKE: My business, services, where not SCALABLE.


I met someone who showed me a technological gadget & software tool which I fell in love with, not being conscious I ended up becoming an expert in that.

What I realized: YOU REALLY NEED TO LOVE WHAT YOU DO and be willing to work very hard.  You won’t be good at anything you don’t fall in love with and be willing to sacrifice your free time for extra knowledge.

MY 2º STARTUP, BWISE SYSTEMS: One day, an investment group stepped in my way, they heard me talking about this type of technology and they were curious about it, WHAT THEY SAW: Energy and passion, having already proven that I was able to sell that stuff, run businesses, and a startup. And they decided to invest their money in me.


This time it was scalable & I was in love with what I was doing so I could work hard and intensely. The company started earning money and running well. After that, I felt everything was done and lost the amazing feeling of creating, then, I sold it to competitors. LET IT GO when you are not happy anymore and go and find something else to love.    


Eli Bernal  

More than 10 years of experience in both international companies and startups. I love turning ideas into profitable projects, testing, validating and then scaling up the business. 

“Starting up is not designed for everyone, as it is not easy for others to imagine another lifestyle.”