WEBINAR with Eli Bernal: Agile Sales for Complex Software Projects


Digital transformation, developing technology and complex softwares often lead to long periods of delay, defining requirements, deciding, agreeing and starting. This webinar will give you insights into a method which accelerates the definition and development of projects by reducing the sales closure time and increasing the conversion of projects. 

Key Learnings

You will learn about a method, which will help you define and develop projects faster. Also, close deals, create products and develop business models more efficiently. That means to reduce the risk and delays, work on improving management practices, previous definition and agile development of implementations and kick offs.


Eli Bernal is based in Barcelona, Spain. She has more than 10 years experience working in both start ups and big corps. She is passionate entrepreneur of the tech world. As Founder and CEO of some start ups she has learnt a lot about the importance of scaling up businesses, products and lean processes.

What to Expect During the Event?

Live event 30 min: Our host will introduce the speaker. The speaker will present on the subject and will then answer a few questions.

Live Chat 45 min: The live chat will open 15 min after the start of the live event. The speaker will be available for a live chat for another 30 min after the live call.